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Contact:Mr. Miao
Add:Zhongxiu East Road No.11,nantong,jiangsu
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  亿博体育app下载Nantong Zhonghai Plastic Co., Ltd. was established in Mar. 2011, the main products are various rubber lead sheets for radiation shielding. This product has over thirty-five years manufacturing history in this facility, and it was innovated by the coordination of No. 1 Nantong plastic factory and the R&D center of the State Security Ministry and it was the first generation lead sheet for the security inspection equipment accessory in the demonstrate market. In 2003, No.1 Nantong plastic factory was changed to Nantong TongSu Plastic Company due to business reengineering, and the enterprise nature was changed from state-owned to private owned company but still kept the same workshops, facilities, equipment and employee to manufacture the same products like rubber lead sheet....
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亿博体育app下载Nantong Zhonghai Plastic Co., Ltd.
Add:Zhongxiu East Road No.11,nantong,jiangsu     Tel:0513-85293188   Fax:0513-83576590
 Email:tongsuzp@163.com  http://www.98zihua.com